Saturday, September 13, 2008

Words spoken at my Dad's Memorial Service

My Memories

Most of my memories with my dad are going into someones woods to cut trees and get wood.Karen and I would sit in his truck while he pushed it into the woods. Most had no trails and I have no idea how he knew where he was going. I remember we would sit in the truck waiting for him or just walk around. I would be so bored wanting to go home. But now I appreciate those times with him. He loved the peace and serenity of the woods and nature. When I was twelve years old my dad taught me how to drive. We started with the Pontiac Tempest on the driveway. Then moved to the truck on the trails in the woods. One day when Bruce(dad's best friend) was over I got the Tempest stuck in the woods and my dad and Bruce got the truck and a chain and pulled it out. When I started proper driving lessons they only taught with automatic cars and my dad put up a big fight to get them to teach with a stick shift. When I finally got my drivers licence he mad a point of telling me "don't drive on the highway". Maybe he was overprotective or a little fearful. Little did he know then that I would be driving on the California freeways. Once he came to visit me in San Diego he made me drive everywhere saying I drove better on "these" roads. The first car he got for me was a '71 green Chevy Nova which always broke down. He would make me stand outside with him over the car trying to explain to me what was wrong and show me every part in the engine so I could possibly fix it myself. I would like to think he just wanted to spend time with me. There are so many memories that I am so thankful for. I admire his lifetime friendships. I loved the times when these friends would come over and hang out. Every Christmas Eve I would be so excited to see Bruce and Mary. I want to thank you... Bruce, Dick, John, Joe, George for being his friends and accepting him for who he was. You are family to Karen and I. I also want to take this time to thank Janice Ford for inviting Karen and I to church and driving us to Sunday School every Sunday. If it were not for you, Karen and I would not be where we are today and dad would not be where he is today...with the Lord. And, thank you Dad for you. I love you.

In My Eyes

He was rough and lacked etiquette, Society would say

He had no classy attributes, To help him on his way

He was not a fancy dresser, and not so trimmed and neat
With simple clothes and simple shoes, he wore upon his feet

He didn't belong to a club, or drive shiny cars

And if he took vacations, he did not go very far

He didn't dine on fine cuisine, to him fast food was a treat

And he may have used a plastic fork, when it was time to eat

He worked long hours at his jobs to make an average pay

And even when he was tired or sick, he went to work each day

His job was as a handy man, his pay just made ends meet

But a few good friends and family, made his life complete

He was not well versed in poetry, theater or the arts

And wisdom was not something that he had to constantly impart

The wealth that God had given him to treasure and adore

Two loving daughters, who could ask for more

He never had much money and his life was not a show

But he is still the richest man that I will ever know

To others he was a simple man and fame he never had

But he's the greatest man I know, I'm glad to call him dad

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that's very sweet. I love hearing about these stories.