Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Walk for Autism

Lexi, Timmy and I did the walk. Dennis was still not able to walk very good after his surgery so he sat and watched us. Dennis and I recieved some shirts from the local christian radio station. On the back it says"I am walking for________". We had to fill in the blank. So Timmy wanted to write "Daddy" in the blank. I assume he was thinking "Daddy needs his name on Daddy's shirt". On the back of Dennis' shirt is written in Timmy's handwriting (which is illegible because of his fine motor skills) Daddy/Timmy.
The walk was on a horse track, which is only a mile. When we first started Lexi and Timmy both asked "are we going to win?" I said "everybody wins". So we were not even a couple of yards into it when Lexi starts in...... I'm tired..... I'm hot...... Can we go over there and rest?...I want to stop....How much longer? All this was said with whinning and attitude. "OH JOY!" I'm thinking.
I look behind me and Timmy is lagging behind hot and tired with no complaints looking down at his shadow. So, half way through Lexi's mood changes when she sees all the people behind us and sees the finish line in front.
When we finally finished. They both asked (can you guess?) Did we win?
Thank you to all who donated!!!! It really means a lot.

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