Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No training wheels!!!

Timmy's re-eval

I didn't mean to post the previous post. I am still new at this blog thing.

So, Timmy's diagnosis now is still the same PDD-NOS. They did tell me though, that if he had no speech and launguage delay they would put his dx at Aspergers. The reason for this is that his cognative testing showed above average(smart boy). With an Aspergers dx there has to be no developmental delay. They just fall short in the social area, but tend to be very intelligent. Anyway, I am very pleased with this dx. I believe that prayer, the gluten/dairy free diet along with the biomedical supplements he gets, which includes methl/b-12 injections every 3-4 days(I do those, not Dennis), has been the reason for his continued healing. He still has a long way to go, but we believe he will someday have no dx.

Fraser moved him to a room for the summer that is the last room a child can be in. It is the most social room.

Thanks to all for your prayers. Keep praying!