Sunday, December 14, 2008

November 9th 40th Birthday Surprise

I was really wishing this b-day would just disappear. Turning 40 is hard but the memories of this time of year are harder. One year ago on my birthday was the last time I talked to my Dad. He tragically passed away 4 days later on Nov. 13th. So, Dennis and my sister Karen decided to change the bad memories into good memories. They surprised me with Karen and her kids showing up for my birthday weekend. Dennis planned everything from the babysitter to dinner out at a Japanese Restaurant for Teppanyaki. I knew about the dinner but he also surprised me with a limo. Here are some pictures of the weekend.
Pictures are out of order. I still don't know how to do a slide show.


TheGreens said...

you all loko great! I miss everyone!


Andrew and Dorinda said...

Surprise parties are fun! happy birthday!

funkyhammer said...

HipHipHooray for Laurie!!!
Happy Birthday!

(Nice job Dennis)

Jonathan said...

Happy birthday!

Undomestic said...

Great to see some new pics!!!!! Looks like a lot of fun. How great of Dennis to do that for you!