Monday, July 28, 2008

Garage Sale

So we had a Garage Sale this past weekend to get rid of a lot of our baby and household items. We made $480. It was very exhausting and really not worth the $ we made when we could have gotten a tax deductible receipt for donating the items.
We all ended up getting sick with some virus, cough, cold, weakness.
I was reading to the kids last night before putting them to bed and Lexi asked "mom do you feel any better?". I must have looked pretty bad. So I said I was really tired. Then joking I said "Who is going to take care of me?" Lexi said "Daddy" then I said " who is going to take care of Daddy?" She then topped it off with "God". In my head I'm thinking, "Yeah, God also takes care of me too cause husbands (at least mine) doesn't know how to take of sickness"
Anyway here is a picture of two bouncy chairs that we sold. The first is when Lexi was a couple of months old(kind of hard to see). See how much she's grown. I couldn't find a picture of Timmy when he was a baby sitting in it.

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Andrew Rumbold said...

wow $480 is alot for a garage sale- good job! to get the cash equivalent in write-offs you would have had to get receipts for 10x that I believe depending on your tax level.